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Bodyfit T5 Black Fat Burner

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What is the T5 Black Fat Burner?

With its scientifically researched and proven formula the Bodyfit T5 Black is established and trusted as one of the most effective fat burners available. Its advanced formula is designed to boost weight loss by targeting your most stubborn fat areas that can’t be targeted by exercise alone.

What does it contain and how does it work?

Bodyfit T5 Fat burners patented formula combines caffeine, bitter orange powder and green tea extract among others to put your body into fat-burning mode by raising your metabolism. It’s unique time-release technology means that it gets to work in just 20 minutes and will continue to work consistently, with no burn-out or energy crashes.

Only the highest quality ingredients…

Bodyfit T5 Black is manufactured in the UK from only the finest ingredients to ensure a premium quality supplement. All our products are tested and certified to ensure they do not contain any harmful ingredients.